• February is Heart Month

    February is Heart Month

    As we celebrate the month of the Heart, we’d like to share some valuable information from the American College of Cardiology and The Cleveland Clinic: For both men and women, the chances of experiencing heart disease increases with age. In fact, heart disease…

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  • Aging isn’t for sissies!

    Aging isn’t for sissies!

    Aging is hard work, physically we change, such as our eyesight, hearing, or cognition. But, our Golden Years can be wonderful, especially if you have the right attitude. Check yourself: do you tend to be pessimistic, see the glass as half-empty, or think the…

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  • Driving: Aging and Staying Safe

    Driving: Aging and Staying Safe

    For most of us, driving has been an important aspect for independence. The idea of giving up driving can be distressing, especially if you have been driving safely for years. And, if you are concerned about your spouse’s or parent’s driving skills, having…

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