February is Heart Month

As we celebrate the month of the Heart, we’d like to share some valuable information from the American College of Cardiology and The Cleveland Clinic:

  • For both men and women, the chances of experiencing heart disease increases with age. In fact, heart disease is the number onemedical condition in older adults.
  • After age 75, high blood pressure is the most frequent heart condition.
  • Other common cardiac diagnoses include heart failure, atrial fibrillation and coronary artery disease.
  • Because older adults often have other chronic health conditions in addition to heart disease, their cardiac care needs to be different.
  • For example: age related changes in the kidneys and liver can impact how medications affect the body
  • The takeaway – be sure all your health care providers are fully aware of all your medical conditions. That way, your care can be coordinated to make it as effective and safe as possible.

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