Do you know what assisted and independent living look like at Country Meadows Village?


Do you know what assisted and independent living look like at Country Meadows Village? 

Something special is happening in Woodburn: seniors are living independent lives with the help they need at Country Meadows Village.

Do you know that we have Cottages, Independent Living, and Assisted Living on our campus? By having a campus, we can offer a wide array of activities and events that fit everyone while still allowing those who need a smaller environment to thrive. We tailor our communities to what your specific needs are, rather than a one-size-fits-all model. This means that if you need help with all the basics of care our Assisted Living Facility offers excellent senior care; or, if you are able and wanting to take care of yourself, but would like to join our community for dinners and events, we offer our Independent Living Facility, and when the time arises, you can transition into Assisted Living easily.

Do you know that our staff has a high retention rate? It’s true! We are a family owned business that understands the value of hardworking employees. We treat them right knowing they will provide you with the best care possible.

Do you know that our Chef sits down with our residents each month to hear about what they want in the next menu? We offer a restaurant-style menu with over a dozen different options, even in our Assisted Living Facility.

These may seem like little things, but they resonate big with our residents. At Country Meadows Village in Woodburn, we work to make your Golden Years shine with a comfortable setting, dedicated employees and all the amenities. Come see us today.

Call Tami at (503) 982-2221 to schedule a visit today!

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