BIG-City Benefits and SMALL-Town $$ at Country Meadows Village

BIG-City Benefits and SMALL-Town $$ at Country Meadows Village


Many people like the benefits of living in a city: the cultural entertainment scene, the ability to make new contacts, affordable transportations, social calendars and easy access to everything you need. And yet there are wonderful benefits to living in a small town: sense of community, slower pace, less crime, fewer crowds and lower cost of living.

But what if I told you that at Country Meadows Village, we have the benefits of the big city with prices and the community feel of a small town? Yes, you CAN HAVE IT ALL!

For a senior living on their own, the cost of living can be staggering. Even without a mortgage, there is home insurance and endless maintenance, car insurance, car maintenance, food budgets, security systems, WI-FI and cable, garbage, water, sewer….and the list goes on.

At Country Meadows Village, your hard-earned dollars go farther. Transportation, on-site chef shopping, preparing and cooking your favorite meals, housekeeping, cable and WI-FI and the security of living in a community setting where others look out for you. And it doesn’t stop there. Imagine your social network just outside your door with a social calendar loaded with exercises classes, wine night, games and movie times and special events like live music or performance plays. We also don’t limit our activities to our community, either. We offer numerous outings to museums, restaurants, malls and parks to fulfill your adventurous spirit.

If you are wondering what streamlining your living experience will look like, come into Country Meadows Village today and see how you can live BIG in a community that cares for you.

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