Understanding the Importance of Exercise Intensity

Are you exercising hard enough? Too often, the answer is no. The result is you don’t get as strong or as fit as you should be. Here are some quick tips to make sure you’re exercising in the right target zone to gain the real health benefits you want.
– If you haven’t been exercising, always check with your doctor to make sure it is safe to start.

– Exercising at least at a moderate level is necessary to improve your stamina and gain muscle strength.

– Moderate exercise means:

  •  You feel your effort is somewhat hard.
  •  Your breath speeds up, but you don’t get out of breath.
  • You start to sweat after about 10 minutes.
  •  You can carry on a conversation, but you can’t sing.

– Checking your heart rate is another way to confirm you’re exercising at a proper level. Talk with your doctor or our Infinity Rehab therapist to know what this rate should be. Heart rate can be easily checked using a fitness tracker watch.

– Having muscle soreness is normal and good the day after strength training exercise like lifting weights. Soreness is really a sign that your muscles are changing and becoming stronger!

– There are cases where a medical condition requires you to conserve energy. If this is the case, see your Infinity Rehab therapist to schedule an appointment. We can help you find the right mix of exercise and rest.


At Country Meadows Village we believe that everyone should exercise to the level they can. Which is why we have an activity calendar full of exercise classes for all different levels. These classes are free to the public, so stop by and join us for a class or two.

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