Have you heard about BRAINnovations?

Have you heard about BRAINnovations?

Our new BRAINnovations program has been a huge success. We want to share the news with the community to come to one of our BRAINnovations seminars to learn more about your brain and aging.

We are excited to welcome back Cathy Parkinson on Oct. 7 to recap all we have learned over the last two months. The science has been fascinating and we have learned about brain health. Cathy has years of experience and education on maintaining a healthy brain with numerous scientific studies to show us and explain the importance of healthy brain function.

On Oct. 21 Lori Tisdale, a certified aromatherapist who will be leading us through her discussion about the Nose and Brain Connection. She has over 15 years’ experience and will teach us that the nose is the emotional center to the brain and that with the right knowledge we can access our memories that we thought long forgotten. But more than just memories, Lori will also talk about how the brain responds chemically to different scents, even if your nose doesn’t detect them enough for you to recognize them.

Handwriting analyst Joyce Brizendine will be our guest speaker on Nov. 4. She will be talking about the three different types of thinking patterns and helping us analyze our handwriting to figure out how our brain works. Everyone has a style of processing information: which style are you?

We are excited at Country Meadows Village to share these informative and interesting brain seminars with you! Call or stop by today and we can tell you more.

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