The Flu & You

The flu and you

As we age, our immune system weakens. That’s why it’s imperative for seniors to be vaccinated against the flu and know the symptoms to receive medical help immediately. The CDC reports that 70-85% of all seasonal flu-related deaths are from seniors over 65 years old.

Vaccination is your first line of defense! For people 65 and older, ask about an age-appropriate vaccination, which is an adjuvanted, high-dose inactive vaccine. At Country Meadows Village, we bring in professionals at the beginning of the flu season each year to administer the vaccine, saving our residents from having to travel out for it.

Prevention is key, even if you have been vaccinated. The vaccination will protect you from numerous strains of the flu but staying vigilant with prevention will help you avoid other viruses and colds. Avoid contact with sick people and if you are sick, stay at home and cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough. When out, try not to touch your mouth, eyes or nose since germs spread easily this way and wash your hands often.

If you start to feel sick, contact your health provider immediately. Antiviral medicines administered within 48 hours of contracting the flu will shorten your flu virus and ease symptoms. Remember, the flu has numerous symptoms like cough, congestion, fever, chills, headache, and in some instances, vomiting and diarrhea.

At Country Meadows Village, we are committed to keeping the flu out of our community! Afterall, we have a calendar filled with fun and exciting events to attend like the Conchords Chorale on December 1st, BRAINnovation lectures, Charity Bingo and more…

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