Caring for the Community

Community for the community!

Sure, we are all in this together nowadays, but that’s not a hollow sentiment from Country Meadows Village. We are committed to our whole community, not just our residents. During the pandemic, we keep coming back to the same thought, how can we help others? The community has always been welcome at our home and we are now concerned for those who relied on our friendships.

We are proud to announce #CMVcares! A pay-it-forward program to help those who need it. We are asking members of our Woodburn community to look around. Is your neighbor or friend a little down? Are they stuck inside or struggling with not being able to see family? If the answer is yes and your friend lives in Woodburn, then we want to know. Each week we enter these names into a weekly drawing and pick three lucky winners to receive a special care basket. These baskets can include plants, flowers, dinner, fruit, toilet paper, feel-good items, or treats from local businesses-because we want to support our local businesses too!

These days feel uncertain, but what has always been solid is Country Meadows Village’s love of our extended community and the hundreds of residents that make up our home and the Woodburn community. Help us spread our love to others and see firsthand that this is what a community for the community looks like.

Contact Tami to add someone you know to our weekly raffle!



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