Get your engines revving! Father’s Day Car Parade at Country Meadows Village

Get your engines revving! Father’s Day Car Parade at Country Meadows Village

Yes, you read that correctly! We hope you saw the procession of both cool vintage and new, souped up cars rolling through the streets of Woodburn last Sunday. They were headed to a dozen or so locations to celebrate our fathers, grandfathers and even great-grandfathers for a special Father’s Day.

We teamed up with West Coast Kruzerz of Woodburn to coordinate the parade for one simple reason: we love our community dads. So many car shows have been canceled due to the pandemic and we decided to have our own. All the senior communities and the Woodburn Golf and Estates were able to participate in this amazing event. With the help of Mayor Eric Swanson, West Coast Kruzers, and the police and fire departments, we were able to make this parade dream happen.

This is just another way Country Meadows Village shows we care, not only to our residents but to the whole community! We relished seeing the smiles and joy on people’s faces as 20 classic cars drove by in a heartwarming tribute to our dads. Every time we saw a cool car, just another second later there would be a better car. Many of our residents were talking excitedly about the cars they once had and the precious memories of bygone times. Oh, the stories!

We love our Country Meadows Village residents, we love our Woodburn community, and we love dads. Thank you to West Coast Kruzerz and our great city. Our pride extends beyond our walls and we actively making a difference in people’s lives with our new #CMVcares program.


At Country Meadows Village, we believe that Covid-19 is yet another reason to think outside the box when it comes to activities. This car parade is just another great way we were able to bring fun in a safe and social distancing way.


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