FREE Drive By Cookie Kits

It’s happening next week! On July 2nd, starting at 11:00am, we will be giving away 100 FREE Cookie Kits.
Yes, you heard that right… 100 FREE Cookie Kits.
This is first come first serve. Just drive right up to the 3 story building, pop your trunk open and we will drop in your cookie decorating kit (without coming within 6 feet of you). One kit per car. We have limited supplies, only 100, so be sure to get here early. 
These kits include, 6 homemade sugar cookies, frosting, and sprinkles. They are a fun way to spend date nights, decorate with your grandkids, make for a neighbor, or enjoy all by yourself (no need to share). 
Be sure to mark your calendars and follow up on FB to find out when the next one is.
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