The indomitable spirit of our staff at Country Meadows Village

The indomitable spirit of our staff at Country Meadows Village

We just noted the one-year mark since the WHO declared the Covid-19 pandemic. And what a year it has been! Besides the pandemic, we went through a historic wildfire and recently a record-setting ice storm.

Through it all, our staff showed up, which at times was no easy feat. They showed up with the fear that their house could be in a fire zone and catch fire, or possibly not able to return after their workday. They showed up braving deep snow and slick ice. They showed up because our employees care for our residents and wanted to make sure they were safe. And for a year, they showed up with the concern of Covid.

During the ice storm, our staff conducted 15-minute checks on residents and continually kept a fresh pot of coffee in the lobby so residents could be together and gather. Some staff lost cell service and were unable to call home to see if their family was okay, but they stayed. Some staff even lived here for a few days ensuring our residents were well taken care of at all times.

When we lost power, our kitchen staff cooked by lamp light and everyone pitched in to run food to every floor. It was an amazing thing to watch our dedicated team come together and make sure our residents were both safe and happy. And to know they did it above their own comforts is amazing!

CMV staff is like a family and we take the care of our residents seriously.

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