Cottages available at Country Meadows Village

It’s true! It’s not often that we have our cottages available, but we do! We actually have two.

What’s so special about our cottages? Each cottage features two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a fireplace, vaulted ceilings, full kitchen, laundry on site and even a single car garage/shop. These cottages make family living possible, yet with the amenities we offer at Country Meadows Village including dining services, activities calendar, housekeeping, yard care, security and the added benefit of 24-hours staff support.

Often times, we have potential residents who have an adult dependent child: cottage living is a perfect solution. Our cottages are on a month-to-month rental agreement with move-in incentives and no buy-in fees. Our cottages make a nice transition for a couple who are moving from their home and considering independent living. Maybe one is ready while the other isn’t. We see this all the time! Coupled seniors age at different rates and need different levels of care. Our cottages can offer privacy, security, amenities and as-needed support while retaining the independent living style many are accustomed to and when the time comes, it is a comfortable transition into Independent or Assisted Living where more support is offered.

After the 2020 Pandemic, seniors are redefining what they want in their golden years, and many are seeking to live in a safe community that can help with care and stave off loneliness. We are one big family at Country Meadows Village, and we want to show you all the different living styles we offer.

Call today to schedule a tour of our cottages. Remember there is no buy-in fee and we offer move-in specials.

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