Endless winter preparation at home

The autumn air is a bit crispy and there’s pumpkin spice somewhere. Know what this means? Winter preparation for your home. For many seniors who move a bit slower these days, this preparation can seem endless. From covering outside faucets with insulated covers, putting away all the lawn furniture, prepping the yard, changing furnace filters, setting the thermostat, cleaning the chimney, and on and on and on.


At Country Meadows Village, winter preparation is a bit different: find your coat and hat! Done!


Of course, there is a pride in ownership and every homeowner feels pleased to be working on their own home. We feel that at Country Meadows, too! Our grounds are well tended, and our recent remodel is beautiful. We take pride in delicious home cooked meals, warm nights as our seniors enjoy a movie or glass of wine, book club, church services, outings, and companionship. We have a maintenance crew to keep our home running efficiently.


Last year we watched the devastation from wildfires and in February, we survived a nasty ice storm. At Country Meadows Village, we were prepared to evacuate during the fires and when the ice storm hit, we had plenty of food for days and generators kept our electricity flowing. Our structures and community were safe and our minds quiet in the midst of calamity. We wish that peace of mind for all seniors.


When you get through that winter preparation check list, we welcome you to come visit Country Meadows Village. Even the best preparation cannot prepare you for unexpected events, but we can weather the storms. Call today for a tour.

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