Fast paced world keeps getting faster

Many seniors will fondly remember times in their lives when life was still: floating quietly in a boat, walking in a park with a child, lemonade on a porch, the simplicity of Sunday night dinner. The memories that evoke comfort tend to be slow, intentional, and together with nature or loved ones.


Fast forward to today, and I do mean “fast” forward. Life is frenetic! Loud! Quick! Technology confounds us, TV scares us and we are losing the ability to connect. Imagine life for seniors living on their own. Traffic is fast-moving and impatient, grocery stores are busy, technology is everywhere from debit cards to computers to home thermostats, cars, washing machines and even hearing aids. Trying to connect WiFi in your home? Sometimes it feels like we need computer science degrees just to start the dishwasher.


Seniors today are simply amazing! They are trying their best to learn how to navigate in this fast-paced world and find help when needed. Children and grandchildren are a phone call away to help with an iPad setting or setting the DVR. At Country Meadows Village, we are here too. Not only do we provide staff, but we also offer an array of informative classes, so our seniors feel informed and capable, plus, there are dozens of neighbor friends to share their knowledge and experiences, too. Essentially, there is less worry in a retirement community and seniors feel less of a burden here.


Come in Country Meadows Village today and let us show you around. We know change can be difficult, but we are here for all our residents who happily call CMV home.

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