• Ask An Expert at CMV

    Ask An Expert at CMV

    Question: My wife has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, many friends have given me all sorts of advice on how I can help her with medications, natural remedies, and lifestyle changes. Is there actually a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, and do…

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  • Fast paced world keeps getting faster

    Fast paced world keeps getting faster

    Many seniors will fondly remember times in their lives when life was still: floating quietly in a boat, walking in a park with a child, lemonade on a porch, the simplicity of Sunday night dinner. The memories that evoke comfort tend to be slow, intentional,…

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  • Endless winter preparation at home

    Endless winter preparation at home

    The autumn air is a bit crispy and there’s pumpkin spice somewhere. Know what this means? Winter preparation for your home. For many seniors who move a bit slower these days, this preparation can seem endless. From covering outside faucets with insulated covers,…

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  • Is Alzheimer’s Disease Hereditary? 

    Is Alzheimer’s Disease Hereditary? 

    Dementia is an umbrella term for an individual’s changes in memory, thinking, or reasoning was rare until the 20th century because few people lived long enough to develop it. Dementia is a disease symptom, not a normal part of aging. Many diseases may…

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