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Winter Skin Care

Here is a great short read on winter skin care written by Infinity Rehab, our onsite Physical Therapy.

Is winter really hard on your skin? There are a couple of factors that contribute to this issue. Here is an explanation from the Mayo Clinic, as well as suggestions on what you can do this year to make your skin feel better:

It’s the weather! Dropping temperatures and much lower humidity is the main cause of your dry skin. The water our skin makes creates a protective barrier. When the air is drier, this water evaporates faster leading to dry and cracked skin that can be itchy, painful, and even be more susceptible to infection.

Exposure of skin to cold temperatures can lead to more serious issues like frostbite, particularly on extremities like your toes, nose, fingertips, lips, and ears.

What can you do to protect your skin?

  • Make sure your skin is covered. Wear hats, gloves/mittens, and scarves.
  • If clothes get damp when you’re outside, change them as soon as possible. Wet cloths against your skin can cause it to break down.
  • Regularly use a moisturizing lotion on your skin. Choose one that is hypoallergenic, and steer clear of those with strong perfumes and abrasive ingredients. If skin irritation occurs, try another.
  • If you are going to be outdoors, use sunscreen.
  • If vitamin D deficiency is a concern to you, speak with your physician.
  • Consider using a humidifier in your home to increase the humidity of the air. Just be sure to change the filter and water as directed to avoid the possibility of illness or infection

As the article states, Winter weather can be harsh on your skin. Staying out of the cold wintery breeze as much as possible can be beneficial for your skin, and if you stay indoors at CMV, it can be beneficial for your mental health as well.

At Country Meadows Village, we understand that you might not want to stay indoors all winter long, which is why we have developed the robust calendar we have. That way, when the weather forces you to stay inside, you can stay busy with friends, fun, games, entertainment, and more. And who knows… you might like our calendar enough that even when the weather is great, you might choose to stay indoors with us.


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All our calendar events are open to the public, and we encourage you to stop on by and enjoy the fun of indoor Winter with us.